2020 Guide To Video Marketing For Businesses

Posted by Patrick Purcell on Apr 6, 2020 10:46:49 AM

Since we started our agency two years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality, strategic video for our clients.  Telling stories with passion and creativity while generating measured results is our specialty. Now more than ever, it's important to connect with people through engaging video. 

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Inbound Marketing: Maximizing Your Most Powerful Lead Source

Posted by Patrick Purcell on Mar 8, 2019 1:48:34 PM

The buyer-seller relationship has changed over the last 20 years. Buyers now hold the power. Greater access to data and reviews has given the buyer the ability to research, compare and contrast more than ever. Marketers, brands and sellers must understand this and shift accordingly. One of the biggest adjustments sellers need to make is from Outbound marketing to an Inbound marketing philosophy. More than ever, this means doing everything in your power to give your customers an experience that is second to none. Your current clients will be your brand ambassadors, if they are provided a positive experience throughout their interactions with your company.

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Super Bowl vs. Super Models

Posted by Patrick Purcell on Jan 30, 2019 7:54:02 PM

Did an orange square, posted on Instagram, by a dozen super models, have a more powerful brand impact than any Super Bowl ad in the modern era? Growing up in the 80's and 90's, a Super Bowl ad was the most influential ad a brand could release. The question today is: has the viral nature of Instagram (and the color pantone 021) surpassed even the mighty Super Bowl?

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Videos that Inspire Us

Posted by Patrick Purcell on Jan 14, 2019 8:01:39 PM

It's always fun for us to analyze our favorite videos.  Not only how certain videos and ads were made but what purpose they served toward helping the company reach their objectives.  In other words, DID THEY ACTUALLY WORK. Without getting too deep into the actual results, stats or conversions we just wanted to share some videos that we appreciate.  

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Benefits of Video for Social Media  Advertising

Posted by Patrick Purcell on Jan 12, 2019 3:52:16 PM


2019 is an exciting time for marketers.  Social Media provides us with more transparency and data than we have ever experienced with traditional forms of advertising.  Video has also progressed to the forefront providing more in-depth viewer insights and generating results.  Inbound Marketing is making it's way to the forefront of every conversation and video is right along side it.  The combination of both can be VERY powerful.

What types of businesses does video work for?

  • The more people move toward content consumption on social/digital/mobile the more relevant and useful video becomes.  That is true for almost any category or vertical.  This can vary from B2B to B2C businesses, businesses with highly transactional products or bespoke services.  Imagine video as a one-to-one conversation your company can have with a potential customer.  According to HubSpot research, 77% of consumers research before engaging with a brand. Therefore, the earlier and more consistently you can engage potential customers along their buyers journey the better chance you have of engaging them and converting them into clients.  Video is the starting gate and a vehicle to help drive leads and customer engagement for your brand or service.  Furthermore, the benefits of video for social media advertising extend beyond just being eye catching and engaging but also by providing key data, especial video view time!
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